Pooh bear says hiii

soo tumblr wishes my blog a happy 2nd birthday WOO HOO! which also means happy birthday dad! (tomorrow but close enough).

today was an ‘off’ day.. started off gloomy, plans canceled, what else is new? Went to work and the mechanic guy that came in to fix and sharpen our slicer ended up slicing his finger off!! i was like holy &*@% *almost faints* yaa i don’t do well with blood.. and just had a headache all morning. Chefs and coworkers were really nice today though, so heh.. pretty ‘off’ too. kiddingg. Got off work and i was traveling to nowhere really, cause everyone was either busy or sick, even my parents had plans and told me to go out and have fun..? anyway i felt adventurous and all those ideas just came to me. “oooh i can go to vaughanmills and eat at pho vaughan! or or i can go to pmall and grab cream puffs! orr i can go to fairview, or maybe i’ll cook for dad tomorrow! oh how about all those birthday wishes that i still gotta thank.. and the wedding photos.. oh my goodness im soo behind on everything.”  

I heard of the term “me” time a few years ago, didnt understand what it really meant until later. It’s important and it’s true. You really need time for yourself and just reflect, or relax. I’ve been so occupied with work or hanging out with friends that I look at my elementary reunion photos from more than a month ago and i went “oh shoot..was suppose to post that in the group event.”

so i got to the restaurant and i said “just for one.”
sat down, ordered, got my food. As i was eating, i could hear sounds.. but not convos. Then I thought hey, this is kinda nice, being in your own zone and doing things at your own pace. It’s like living by yourself. I’ve eaten by myself before ofc but it just felt much more relieving after the stress and fatigue that surrounded me lately.
Another thing i did was just looking around, then i saw couples. Old, young, and some were pretty quiet.. At first I felt kinda awkward sitting next to a couple that said nothing to eachother the entire time.. just on their cell phones or looking around.. Maybe that’s just what happens after you’re with someone for a long time.. or maybe they had a long day.. or maybe silence is golden.

Another thing that was different about today was that there were 6 facebook birthday notifications today, that’s a lot lol and among them was Mr. horner :) fav teacher of all time aww yee <3

so in the end it was a good day, even though the past two march 20th’s werent the best. Just gotta stay positive i guess or something like that.

good night :)